Luxury Wedding Restroom Trailer Rentals

Planning an outdoor wedding comes with unique challenges, and providing the basic needs of your guests falls within this spectrum. Providing quality restroom accommodations is often an unwanted yet necessary detail for the overall success of your wedding. At Grand Restrooms, we stand ready to provide you with luxury wedding restroom trailer rentals in North/South Carolina and beyond to take away the stress of this portion of your planning.
We believe luxury should never be sacrificed on temporary restroom accommodations. That's why we are committed to making sure our luxury bathroom rentals for weddings blend in with the grand design that you have meticulously created. Whether you desire simple or sophisticated design, we will tailor an interior/exterior decor and amenities package to fulfill your vision. We also provide attendant packages, making sure the restrooms are clean, supplied and fresh throughout the entirety of your day. No matter the size of your guest list, we can provide the proper size restroom trailer(s) to suit your needs.

Our luxury wedding restroom trailer rentals in the Carolinas and beyond are impeccably maintained and come standard with climate control, to ensure maximum comfort on one of your biggest days. Furthermore, our portable restrooms are spacious, so no matter what you’re wearing to celebrate the occasion, you won’t feel cramped and confined. Don’t let the availability of quality restrooms turn something as beautiful as a wedding into a stressful event. To request a quote or to learn more about Grand Restroom Luxury Trailers, please contact us and our staff will be delighted to help.

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