Portable Rental Restroom Calculator

When you’re trying to figure out how many of our portable bathroom rental trailers you need, our portable rental restroom calculator will prove to be an indispensable tool. While we have been loyally serving the Carolinas for some time now, we are looking to expand our trailers throughout the states for long-term rentals. With that being said, we understand that can be a big commitment for acquiring your rentals, especially if you are outside of our typical North Carolina and South Carolina operating zone. Our portable restroom rental calculator is here to help you decide exactly how many rentals you will need for your event, so there is absolutely no concern about being shorthanded.

Outdoor Events

Please select the number of people who will be attending the event.

Construction Sites

Please select the number of workers expected.
  • According to Standard Z4.3 of American National Standards Institute
  • Toilets should be placed within 200 feet/60 meters of actual work area
  • Based on 8 hour day/40 hour work week
Portable Toilets Needed
Additional Portable Toilet Unit For Every 10 Workers
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