Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) How are restroom trailers different from porta potties?
A.) There are vast differences between Grand Restroom trailers and porta potties. A porta pottie is basically a plastic box for mobility, while our restrooms are designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Porta potties have toilets with visible, odorous, open-air waste tanks. By contrast, our trailers have flushable toilets with running water that drain into an enclosed waste tank similar to home. Our restrooms are climate controlled which aids in comfort and odor control; porta potties do not have this option. Additionally, our restrooms are designed for comfort and added amenities such as upscal decor; porta potties are not designed for that function. Most importantly, porta potties are often unsanitary; Grand Restrooms are not only highly sanitary, but provide electrical amenities and hot & cold running water which is important for personal grooming and hygiene.

Q.) How often are your restroom trailers cleaned and sanitized?
A.) We take the demand for public health seriously and go through detailed measures to ensure a cleanliness that goes beyond what the eye can see. Our cue has been taken from healthcare professionals and their recommendations on the products and process to properly clean and sterilize bathroom surfaces. Each unit is thoroughly cleaned by a specialized cleaning crew before and after every event. Additionally, our restrooms are given an inspection before each delivery.

Q.) How are restroom trailers maintained during an event?
A.) We offer attendant packages to ensure each restroom is clean, supplied and fresh throughout the entirety of the event. If this package is not selected, the event host may choose to designate a volunteer to perform these duties. We will advise parties of usage and necessary items to be aware of.

Q.) Are the toilets in restroom trailers real flushing toilets?
A.) Yes, similar to home.

Q.) Are restroom trailers climate controlled?
A.) Yes, both A/C and heat making them perfect for year round use.

Q.) Does the restroom trailer come with an attendant?
A.) Grand offers attendant packages to suit your needs.

Q.) How do I decide which restroom trailer is best for my event?
A.) Grand Restroom's staff will be happy to help in that decision. We will ask for details such as: guest count, duration of event, alcohol consumption, setup area, etc... Once the details have been compiled, we will give recommendations to best meet your needs.

Q.) How much advanced notice do I need to rent a restroom trailer?
A.) Grand Restroom Trailers are often booked several weeks and sometimes months in advance. It is recommended to contact us immediately after date of event is established.

Q.) What is your service area?
A.) We proudly service the Carolina's, and beyond for long-term rentals.

Q.) Is there a delivery fee?
A.) Yes, delivery fees are based on mileage and will be added to the quote.

Q.) When will restroom be delivered and picked up?
A.) We will work with each client to establish drop off and pick up times.

Q.) Does someone need to be on-site when restroom is delivered?
A.) It is recommended that someone be available on-site during delivery in order to ensure proper placement.

Q.) Where can restroom trailer be placed?
A.) Our trailers can be placed anywhere that will accommodate the dimensions of the restroom ordered. The unit needs to be placed on relatively level ground and free of any obstructions. Access to site needs to be able to accommodate a tow vehicle with no steep grades and slippery surfaces, and a 12' clearance in height. If unit is to placed on grass and grass is wet or soft from rain at time of delivery, an alternate location may have to be selected to keep tow vehicle from becoming stuck. The Delivery drivers will be able to assess the situation and make a determination on if they will be able to maneuver in place without becoming stuck.

Q.) Are water and power hookups needed?
A.) We recommend that restrooms be placed within 100' of power and water connections. If connections are not available, a generator and fresh water tank fill can be added to the order at an additional cost.

Q.) Do you offer long-term rentals?
A.) Yes, we offer long-term rentals from weeks, to months, even yearly.

Q.) What are payment options?
A.) Payments can be made with debit/credit card, company check and cash.

Q.) Is a deposit required to reserve restroom trailer?
A.) Yes, a 25% deposit is required at the time of reservation with the balance due the week of rental.

Q.) What is you cancellation policy?
A.) Once reserved, all items are withheld from inventory for your event. The 25% deposit of each item is non refundable for all cancellations. If you cancel within 14 days prior to the event, we will retain all monies in a Raincheck, good for one full year toward a future event. If you cancel before the 14 days leading up to the Event, any balance paid can be refunded or placed in a Raincheck, whichever you prefer.

Q.) Do you have the appropriate general liability insurance?
A.) Yes, a free copy can be provided upon request.

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