Grand Signature Amenities Package

Grand Signature Amenities Package


Grand Signature Amenity Package

First aid, hygiene products, clothing care, chocolates and flowers are all part of the luxury services offered by Grand Restrooms. Grand's signature package is sure to please the most discerning guest and includes:

Hand sanitizer, Mints, Kleenex Tissues, Bug Spray, Bandaids, Neosporin, Tooth Picks, Headache Tabs, Static Guard Spray, Apparel Stain Remover, Lint Roller, Chocolates, Double Stick Apparel Tape, Fresh Cut Flowers, Exterior Greenery, Fresh Hand Towels (fresh towels must be paired with attendant package)

Packages are fully customizable upon request.

Note: All rentals come fully stocked with hand soap, paper towels and toilet paper.

Package Comparison Chart

Amenity Standard Specialty Signature
Hand Sanitizer Yes Yes Yes
Mints Yes Yes Yes
Kleenex Tissues Yes Yes Yes
Bug Spray Yes Yes Yes
Bandaids Yes Yes Yes
Neosporin Yes Yes Yes
Tooth Picks Yes Yes Yes
Headache Tabs No Yes Yes
Static Guard Spray No Yes Yes
Apparel Stain Remover No Yes Yes
Lint Roller No Yes Yes
Chocolates No No Yes
Apparel Tape No No Yes
Fresh Cut Flowers No No Yes
Exterior Greenery No No Yes
Fresh Hand Towels No No Yes





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